Ceri Hoover Cheetah Satchel

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Ceri Hoover Cheetah Satchel
An essential piece to any wardrobe, updated and refined. A true worker-bee. Designed as a smaller version of our classic Commuter Tote, the Satchel offers just enough room for your day to day life, with the Ceri Hoover touch.

The Satchel features flawless construction, beautiful lines and hidden hardware—perfect for a busy woman who may need to hide workout clothes, snacks and notes for her next presentation all in the same bag.

The Satchel is made in America.

An everyday bag that does hard work while looking fine, the Satchel pairs well with your favorite jeans or knit dress as you run around town. It features a magnetic snap closure as well as side snaps that can be un-snapped to create more space. Wrapped-rope straps will give slightly over time, making it even more comfortable to wear on your shoulder or to hold in your hand.

When it comes to caring for our leather, know that each hide has unique color and grain variations, which reveal the leather's natural beauty. Leather darkens over time, depending on frequency of wear and exposure to sunlight. Scars or marks are natural attribute of naked leather, which will enhance the patina as it adapts to your lifestyle. When necessary, we recommend using a leather cream (we like Leather CPR) to maintain the leather's vivacity.

DIMENSIONS: 8h x 13w x 4.5d

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