Captivate Bra Nude - Solid

Regular price $37.00
Be Captivating!  This effortless push-up bra has a strong  adhesive hold that is re-usable up to 100 times with a gentle pain-free removal.  Hundreds of holes on the inside of the bra cups create the first breathable adhesive bra that eliminates slipping when sweating and is feather light.  Other bras have an invisible plastic layer between the bra and the adhesive which keeps sweat in and causes those bras to slip.  Captivate does not have this thermoplastic layer so you can breathe easy and dance all night.  The best part? Captivate is trimmed with invisi-holes so you can easily hook in bra straps for extra lift and support.  Get ready for Captivating Cleavage with this ultimate convertible bra.  Includes 2 clear bra straps.

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