Alex Dickenson & Jumping From the Corporate Stairmaster

From a young age, we are constantly encouraged to follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. Everything from marketing campaigns to charities to trendy wall stickers hanging in freshman dorm rooms urge us to take that action. We hear the words “Follow your dreams” so much during our adolescent and young adult years that they often cause a small eye roll or dismissive scoff when brought up in conversation.

It’s a seemingly simple piece of advice. Find something you love and spend the rest of your life doing it. Easy as the pie you think about every time someone brings up how close Thanksgiving is, right? Wrong. As the newest Flutter Girl Alex Dickenson learned over the past year, it takes some trial and error to live the life those trendy wall stickers tell us to.

“I worked retail throughout college and I love retail. I’m a people person and I am obsessed with fashion so what better industry to work in?” Alex said over her vanilla latte, adjusting the top of her classic black turtle neck as to not let it muss up her elegantly slicked back low pony tail – a style she said she chose for convenience that morning but rocked like she had planned it all week. “But, when I graduated college, people are like ‘OK, you have to get a big girl office job and follow this corporate ladder’.”

So, up that corporate ladder Alex went after graduating from the University of Southern Indiana and leaving Gibson County – a place where she grew up playing sports, being teased for her girly taste and fashion obsession and dreaming of moving to a big city. When her boyfriend started playing professional baseball in Indianapolis, IN, Alex took that as a chance to see her big city dreams come true and climb that corporate ladder. However, like so many things in life, it didn’t go as planned and Corporate America began feeling like a Stairmaster.

“Never follow boys,” she giggled. “I love my boyfriend, but with his job, he has to travel a lot. The day after I landed my inside sales job for a software company in downtown Indy, my boyfriend found out he had to move to Atlanta. He ended up moving there the same weekend I moved to Indy. I toughed it out for about six or seven months, but I wasn’t happy and I didn’t love my job. I realized that I was just staying there to say I was living there. I wasn’t doing it for me, I was doing it so other people could say “Oh, she’s living in Indianapolis? How cool!’”

After coming to the realization, Alex decided to jump off the corporate ladder, move back to Southern Indiana and follow her fashion dreams by working for the Newburgh boutique she held so dear to her heart for so long.

“I truly love what Flutter is about. Having moved away to a big city, I know in a lot of places it is hard to say that you can find something that directly contributes to your community and here we can do that. Being a part of Flutter and knowing what we have done to influence our community is amazing. I love being able to offer pieces to women that they wouldn’t usually find anywhere else, to give them confidence and to let them know that they don’t have to travel to a big city to find a great outfit that no one else has,” she said, a sincere smile slowly growing bigger as she continued. “I’ve only been at Flutter a week and I’m already so much happier here than I was at my other job. I love waking up every day and going to work and that is so important.”

Alex has big dreams for her future with Flutter, adding that she would love to see multiple Flutter locations open nationwide. But, for now, she is ecstatic with her life at 100 State Street.

“I just want people to understand that they don’t have to do what everyone else does, that they can do what makes them happy and follow their passions. I promise you that will bring you so much more joy in the long run. If you love something, do it – Life is way too short. I will say that ‘til the day I die.”

~ Written by Bradie Gray



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